These are just some of the services we can provide
Securing what’s most important to you
The most important things to any family is their loved ones, peace of mind, possessions such as electronics, heirlooms and all other valuable items. The way to attain this is to have a monitored whole house or business security system. At AB&S SYSTEMS we are committed to providing you with the best security equipment available and installed in a professional manner. Our U.L Certified monitoring station with U.L Certified operators on duty 365 days a year is second to none with redundancy in case of an emergency. We are not a cookie cutter company be design each and every system to meet your individual needs. It never cost you a dime to have one of our associates come and design a system for you and give you a quote.
Consumer friendly security system
A security system installed by A B & S SYSTEMS is one of the consumer friendliest system on the market today.  We design and program it that way so every member of your  family or employees  can operate it with ease.
Monitoring Services
We monitor your whole house for burglaries,  smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors (the silent killer) latch-key kids, furnace operation, sump pump operation, flooding, Medical alert, hold-ups, opening /closing  and panic emergencies.   Experienced personnel are always on duty to respond to your needs in a professional manner.
We monitor via telephone line, Satellite Radio, Satellite Cell Phone , VoIP and GSM wireless.
All our equipment has battery backup in case of power failure.
VoIP & Security: What You Should Know
Many businesses and homeowners today are attracted to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP services from local Internet providers and cable companies. VoIP offers significant cost savings on local and informational calls as well as streamlining service providers by utilizing one vendor for both networking and telecommunications. However users are unaware of the security issues and vulnerabilities of VoIP systems in relation to security alarms and emergency services when provided by some local Internet providers and cable companies.
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